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Ceramic Plate Radiant Heater
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gufo NEOCeramic Plate Radiant HeaterUsage areast is used for natural gas economic heating purposes in the winter gardensof restaurants, cafes, hotels and offices, smoking areas and terraces.
  • Device: gufo
  • Model: NEO
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas, LPG
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DESIGNThe body is painted with a special 1.000°C paint which is resistant to heat changes and moisture to let your long-year usage.
SAFETY SYSTEMFor your safety, there is a safety system with abuzzer to warn of a fault in Gufo Neo.
HEAT SHIELDIt is adapted to any environment with its heatshield which narrows the suspension distanceand provides thermal insulation.
Special Ceramic PlateMaximum performance withGerman ceramic ( Schwank )plates with high combustionand radiation.
Two-stageburning systemWith the low or high stepburning system, thedesired temperaturecomfort can beprovided easilyaccording to thetemperature ofthe air.
RemoteControllerBuilt-in remote controlfor convenient and easyoperation.
SafetyHoneywell ignition card and gas valve are used as a set.
Technical Specifications
Technical Features
Product Code Gufo NEO
1. Step Power 6,3 kW
2. Step Power 11,4 kW
Heating Area 20-50 m²
Natural Gas Consumption 1,2 m³/saat
Recommended Hanging Height**(H) 2,2 m
Natural Gas Pressure 20-55 mbar
Gas Connector Diameter 1/2’’
Electric Voltage 220-240 V
Ceramic Plate Radiant Heater

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As Panera Engineering, we supply the quality and more cost-effectively with 100% domestic production instead of imported products in the heating sector. We have become one of the leading manufacturers in the heating sector in a short time. We attach great importance to R & D and quality. By developing products in line with the needs of our consumers, we always keep customer satisfaction above all our interests. We are proud to contribute to the economy of our country.
DESIGN and PERFORMANCEThanks to its ergonomic structure, it can be easily mounted to any desired point with its different apparatus.
OPTIONFor ease of use, remote control and double step options are offered.
LONG LIFEIt provides many years of trouble-free operation without the need for special maintenance programs.
QUALITYAll materials used consist of 1st class materials. We have never compromised on quality, including all apparatus and software.
TRUST AND CONSERVATIONWe did not avoid anything in order to provide confidence and protection while designing all kinds of negativities.
ECONOMICToday it is much more economical than electric heaters. It consumes less power, you pay less and you warm up more.
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